Giving something back

At instaGIS we rely on several Open Source tools to perform some common operations. When you reuse  proven and well tested third party code, and then enhance it to make it more secure or efficient, you really should give your enhancements back to the community.

Revamped upload interface

Until now, we had different dialogs depending on wether you wanted to upload a file or instead paste the contents from your clipboard to a text container. However, since our release 14.08.00 we’ll present you with just one revamped uploading interface.

Give your map some personality with o...

If you’re familiar with Google Maps or Google Maps Api then you must be more than familiar with the default maptypes. Roadmap, Satellite and Hybrid views can take you a long way, but in the end the might just not be enough when you want to tell a particular story with your map.

Drag and drop your images onto the ma...

With the upcoming release 14.06.00, we will add support to attach images on the map. To try this, it’s as easy as dragging an image onto the map and wait until we’ve processed it.

Discovering isochrones

Release 13.9.7 is ready, and with this one we added the capability of calculating automatic Isochrones.  Wait, what? Ok, perhaps this one needs a little contextualization.

Announcing twitter customized InfoWin...

As promised, we haven’t stopped optimizing tweet display, and today we added a bit more sweetness to our mix, parsing hashtags, mentions and links.

InstaGIS adds Twitter tracking suppor...

Our core developers have been busy this month, or at least pretending they are. Whatever’s the case, it’s time to announce a new release. Our release 13.2.0 brings a lot of sweet new features to the table.

InstaGIS article on FayerWayer

As any startup whose goal is to change the world (and ours is) we care a lot about what people think about us. But what’s more, we care a lot about people knowing us. It wouldn’t be enough to build the best web Gis application if nobody was to hear from us, ever.